How to write AI articles with unique creative touch

As a writer, I believe in the power of storytelling and the ability to connect with readers on a personal level. 

My writing journey has been shaped by my desire to infuse authenticity and relatability into every piece I create. 

However, the challenge of consistently delivering engaging content while maintaining a personal touch became more daunting as my audience grew. 

That’s when I discovered the remarkable role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in writing, particularly in the aspect of injecting personal experiences and insights. In this article, I will delve into how AI has enabled me to add a unique and human touch to my content, making it resonate deeply with my readers.

Understanding AI-powered Writing Tools:

Before delving into how AI aids in injecting personal experiences, it is essential to grasp the capabilities of AI-powered writing tools. 

Based on sophisticated AI language models like GPT-3.5, these tools can generate human-like text based on provided prompts. 

The neural networks and natural language processing behind these models enable them to understand the context and produce coherent responses, making AI-generated content sound remarkably human.

The Decision to Embrace AI to scale my writing process

The decision to integrate AI into my writing journey was driven by the need to maintain the authenticity of my voice while scaling my content production. 

AI’s ability to assist in generating text quickly and efficiently intrigued me, but I was skeptical about how it could preserve the personal connection I sought with my readers. 

However, as I experimented with AI, I realized that it could serve as a valuable tool rather than a replacement for my creative instincts.

The Human Touch: Writing One-Third of the Article 

I firmly believe that the personal touch is what sets my content apart and creates a lasting connection with my readers. 

By writing one-third of each article, I ensure that my unique writing style, voice, and insights shine through. 

This initial contribution allows me to establish a strong foundation for the piece, incorporating personal experiences and anecdotes that add authenticity and reliability.

The AI Collaborative Process: Two-Thirds with AI

To streamline my content creation process, I turned to AI-powered writing tools. AI, particularly GPT-3.5, possesses the ability to generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on provided prompts. 

By utilizing AI to craft two-thirds of my articles, I free up valuable time to focus on developing fresh ideas and strengthening my content.

The iterative refinement process ensures that the AI-generated content aligns seamlessly with my personal contributions. 

This cohesive blend of human creativity and AI-generated efficiency results in articles that flow naturally and maintain a consistent tone throughout.

How I use Grammarly to write my part quickly and error free

Grammarly has become an invaluable tool in my writing journey, particularly when I aim to produce content quickly without compromising on quality. 

As I write one-third of my articles personally, time is of the essence, and Grammarly’s AI-powered assistance comes to my rescue, ensuring that my writing remains polished and error-free yet human.

Grammarly’s grammar and spelling checker is especially beneficial when I’m writing rapidly. 

As my thoughts flow onto the page, I can rest assured that Grammarly will highlight any mistakes, allowing me to rectify them effortlessly. 

This minimizes the time spent on proofreading and editing, enabling me to focus on the creative aspect of content creation.

Additionally, Grammarly’s style suggestions have been instrumental in refining my writing. 

By offering alternative phrasing or pointing out wordy sentences, Grammarly ensures that my writing is concise and engaging. 

This not only enhances the readability of my articles but also aligns with my goal of keeping readers hooked from start to finish.

Leveraging AI to Infuse Personal Experiences:

While AI-generated content can provide a solid foundation for articles, I recognized that my personal experiences and insights were indispensable for establishing a genuine connection with readers. 

Injecting my unique perspective into the content helps me relate to my audience on a deeper level and fosters a sense of trust. 

AI becomes the collaborator that allows me to explore various ideas and angles, laying the groundwork for personalization.

Creating a Seamless Blend of Human and AI:

The mixing of AI into my writing journey has had a profound impact on reader engagement. 

By writing one-third of each article and utilizing AI for the remaining two-thirds, I have been able to offer a diverse range of content that resonates deeply with my audience.

The personal touch that I infuse into the articles’  portion establishes a strong connection with my readers from the outset. 

By sharing personal experiences and insights, I create relatable content that sparks interest and emotional resonance. 

This human element draws readers in, encouraging them to invest time and attention in exploring the full article

The Impact on Reader Engagement:

The infusion of personal experiences through AI-generated content has yielded positive results in terms of reader engagement. 

By adding a human touch, my articles become more relatable and emotionally resonant. 

Readers appreciate the authenticity of my voice and the relatability of the experiences I share, fostering a sense of community and connection.


AI has played a pivotal role in my writing journey, enabling me to inject a personal touch into my content without compromising on productivity. 

By leveraging AI-powered writing tools, I can efficiently create drafts and explore various ideas. 

Then, by infusing my unique voice and personal experiences, I foster a deeper connection with my readers. 

This collaborative approach has not only enriched my writing process but has also elevated the overall quality of my content. 

Embracing AI as a writing partner has been a transformative experience, allowing me to maintain authenticity and personalization while adapting to the dynamic world of content creation. 

As AI technology continues to evolve, I look forward to exploring new possibilities to enhance my writing journey further.

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